Essay on Live Dance Performance Critique At Lipscomb University

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Live Dance Performance Critique The performance that I went to see was Elevate at Lipscomb University. The show consisted of twelve different pieces choreographed by Maggie Pelton, Kari Smith, Tosha Pendergrass, Leigh Anne Ervin, and Curtis Reed. The performance showcased students who weren’t not necessarily even studying dance. I found that extremely surprising that Lipscomb even offered a program that allowed dancers to get involved. By doing sol, the talent was very diverse and defiantly brought an interesting dynamic. I was very thrown off when I first arrived at the show. I have always attended shows that were in auditoriums and theater seating. Elevate was in a theater when there were tables you sat at and a big stage up front. It definitely made the fact that I came alone a lot clearer when I sat by myself at a table! I luckily was able to find a table upstairs looking down on the stage. I prefer watching performances this way because it allows me to be able to see everything as well as formations! Elevate consisted of a number of different styles of dance. There was tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, African and lyrical dances. Not one of them were alike in any way. I really enjoyed that every piece came with a different story line and theme. It made the show a lot more entertaining because it wasn’t the same thing for an hour. Instead, I was able to see a number stylistic numbers choreographed by a number of Nashville choreographers. My favorite part…

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