Literature Of The Pacific And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Pacific Islanders throughout history, as a whole, have gone through so much change that making comparisons to others are almost unattainable. There are a plethora of changes that range from far and wide; language, environmental, mental, and physical. A major change was literature in itself. Prior to western influence, literature was never around for most of the stories and song were done orally. For most people change in the end may be beneficial, but often times bring conflict and hardships, and unfortunately many of these hardships begin in their very own home. Though many western influences have been if not needed, wanted, they have diminished and altered out cultural way of life. Thus, literature of the Pacific includes works of art that portray constant conflict in either familial or social aspects of Pacific Life. When Pacific people became literate after contact, they began to document everything they knew about their culture, and among these works were stories that captured emotions about those times. An example of documented emotions may be found when we analyze the song “Kaulana Na Pua”, written and composed by Ellen Wright Prendergast. Predergast along with the Royal Hawaiian Band wrote the song as they discussed their opposition to the Annexation of Hawaii. The Royal Band begged her to put her feelings into music, and so she did, eventually crafting the patriotic song of Hawaii. The original title of the song was “Mele ‘Ai Pohaku”, or the Stone Eating song,…

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