Literature : Literature And Literature Essay

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The Oxford dictionary defined literature as “Familiarity with letters or books; knowledge acquired from reading or studying books, esp. the principal classical texts associated with humane learning; literary culture; learning, scholarship”. The definition of literature leads to understand the significance of reading literature. It is important to read literature because we can free our minds, have a better understanding of history, and to improve our communication skills. Although, literature make us more sensitive to others feelings and situations. However, literature involves critical thinking, clustering of ideas and art appreciation. Literature is a process that required, not only the fact of being reading, but the accomplishment of learning to some degree from it.
First, it is important to read literature because we can feed our minds with rich content of knowledge. When we read literature, we can be peace mind, relaxed and fulfilling our brain of rich knowledge. Sometimes, when we have a tough day, we can use literature in our favor by reading a poem, novel, or writing an essay. For instance, in the reading of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings; Marquez, tells the story of an old dirty man that has wings. He arrived to a house where bad luck was embracing this home, however thank to his wings, fortune came. Reading literature transports our imagination to places that we have not been before, taking us to a new experience and even transporting…

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