Literary Meaning Of Song 2 Essay

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Literary Meaning of Song 2:8-17 Verse 8. The passage begins with an interjection hinnē (Look!), an excited call by the young woman to the daughters of Jerusalem (as well as to her audience and readers) to focus on the present moment about the man whom she loves (and probably about to marry for the young man in this passage has not yet called her bride as he does in 4:; 5:1. She invites the audience/readers to partner with her—to watch and listen with her as she awaits her beloved coming (perhaps either to visit her). The young woman then presents a notable and graphic picture of her beloved through the use of series of participles as verbs in verses 8-9: mĕdallēg (leaping), mĕqappēṣ (skipping), ʿômēd (standing), mašgîḥa (gazing), mēṣîs (peering). Her beloved, though within sight, is still far at a distance—still travelling through the mountains and hills—happily leaping and skipping and perhaps singing or whistling a happy tune just like the birds since she invited her audience to listen to his coming. Her beloved at a distance is enjoying himself amidst nature—a picture of blissful contentment and at peace to be part of community of creation and in participating together with the rest of creation in celebrating spring. He seems to blend so well with his surroundings, as if the outdoor is his home —one with nature and with the animals. In fact, right now he is acting just like one of the animals in the wild. Implicitly, this passage values how humans,…

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