Panic At The Disco Analysis

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“Things Have Changed” –Panic! At the Disco
Many people believe your worldview stays very close to what you were raised with. Parents are definitely huge sponsors when it comes to forming your worldview, but many other people and occurancesthings can act as sponsors and change your views. Curiosity is a wonderful thing when it comes to expanding your worldview and I’ve always been very curious. If I see an article title that sounds even remotely interesting, I absolutely have tomust click on it. If I hear people talking about an unfamiliar subject I often insert myself into the conversation to figure out what they’re talking about. This has helped shape my worldview into the complex vision it is. Specifically to help me determine right from
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Between the subjects of the music, tv shows, and films I like and the opinions of the artists that I follow I have learned a lot from my taste in the entertainment industry. One of the earliest entertainment items that shaped who I was was the book and movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower it taught me that everyone has deeper issues and that treating someone kindly can make a world of a difference for them. It reallytruly opened my eyes to being a more accepting person. Panic! At the Disco is one of the strongest influences because they are big proprietors of accepting everyone and are very against slut shaming. They, along with Fall Out Boy have many campaigns in support of minorities such as the lgbt community and this has shaped my worldview on the value of support and especially of the impact the support can make. Saturday Night Live is another place that I gained feminist views from. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are two of my biggest role models as they are very strong women who don’t take shit from anyone and they have helped me to place value on myself and become a strong leader myself. Entertainment is such an important thingpasstime in my life that it’s had quite a bit of influence on what I believe is right and wrong and how I see the

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