Convict Transportation In Song Essay

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Activity 3.1-Chronicling Convict Transportation in Song
Primarily in the late 18th century Britain began to drift from public executions and adopted a new form of punishment most commonly known as transportation and or imprisonment. This method emulated the out of sight out of mind philosophy that sent thousands of convicted criminals for a wide array of crimes to Britain colonies, such as Australia. This change evaluated the criminal justice system methodology of punishing subordinates and adopted psychological hardship over physical pain and torture. Both imprisonment and transportation stripped criminals of their rights, their independence, their family, friends, and congregated all criminals into one densely populated area. This was psychologically draining and stripped many of hope for a better life. The role of imprisonment and convict transportation had a major impact on the political, cultural and social landscape of the British Empire, throughout the 18th and extending into the late 19th century. Ironically, many convicted criminals expressed their aversion to transportation and many pleaded for physical punishment or execution as an alternative.
Therefore, throughout the 18th and extending in the late 19th century many songs about transported criminals emerged, these songs highlight some
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He was tricked and deceived by the beauty of a colleen and was tried and convicted of a crime, resulting in transportation. This song highlights the extreme sentences the criminal justice system imposed upon a convict and the flaws within the system that lead many individuals to be convicted who were not guilty. This song highlights the perception people had on the dangers of beautiful women and cautioned to others of their danger to prevent others from being exploited by pretty

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