Literacy Practice Of Being A Student Essay

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Literacy Practice of Being a Student One thing that I have always done is attend school. For as for as long as I can remember I have always been a student. Since the age of four I was in Pre-K. Even earlier than that I was in daycare. Being a student is something that I have done for a majority of my life. My literacy practice follows all six propositions about the nature of literacy and defined by David Barton and Mary Hamilton in Literary Practices. Throughout my life there have been countless events and practices that have developed my literacy in being a student along with the assistance of reading and writing. I attended grade school in the Putnam City school district. This school district is notorious for its strict policies. This easily relates to the first proposition Barton and Hamilton list out. It states that literacy is a set of social practices. My literacy practice of being a student easily falls into this criteria. At school there are social norms and roles that I, as a student, had to fallow. Following the rules meant that I had to be able to read them. For example, an event in would be reading the student handbook on the first day of school or writing out a “social contract” in some classes that outlined what the rules were for that specific class. Reading and writing are essential as a student because following the set rules is important for the student’s success in the class and school. Understanding these rules aided me in being a successful student.…

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