The Importance Of Education On The Arts

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Ever since formal education became more than teaching kids how to read and write, a particular issue started to become more and more evident: English, mathematics and the sciences are more valued in schools than artistic abilities and disciplines like music and art, just to name a few. Kids are forced to study the core academic subjects well past the basic level, while the arts are completely neglected after middle school, and in some cases, elementary school. Only when both, creative and academic subjects are taught in balance, will students receive a wholesome education they deserve.
Historically, reading and writing have always been a priority in schools. If a family had sufficient funds to teach a child, they first focused on teaching
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The public school focuses too much on statistics and SAT scores to see the problem with the modern educational system. Subjects like English and mathematics are studied every year for twelve years. Some of these subjects are so advanced that most students, neither use nor remember the material after the class is over. Yet the arts education usually stops after the eighth grade. By doing this, the school board reinforces the idea that the arts are not as important as other fields, and therefore not only discourages students from being interested in the arts, but also forces thousands of students to study subjects that they don’t have a natural inclination …show more content…
What requires more challenge is to find an individual approach to each student. A good education requires an equal effort from the student and the school. It is important to recognize the changing world, and be able to adapt to it. The number of jobs in the art field is increasing; good artists, designers and entertainers are needed today more than ever. By depriving students the ability to pursue their interests while in high school, the schools are robbing these students of a potential career in the

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