Listo Case Study

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1. Key players, Business Ideas. Establishing, Refining or Monitoring
Key players are those, whose helping or hindering roles determine success or failure to the organization. These kinds of people fall under the delegating leaders who have high competence and high commitment in their assigned job. Here in the Listo systems, the employees were the key players thus while they were tried to control the outcomes seen deteriorating. The provided statement in the case “Employees began to complain about the new bureaucratic processes and the slow pace of decision making. While the organization has been growing in size, productivity has slowed and quality has decreased” describes the actual fact.
Business Ideas
Listo systems purpose was to be a leader
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Users are the major concern over here for the leaders, so they try to communicate in such a way to sell and earn optimum, thus the management are managed as per the plan.
Here, I feel shaping is most appropriate because to run a successful business the team should be good and work well.
3. Departments, Key results. Involving, Facilitating, Communicating
Departments (Units): - It is the individual unit having their own core responsibility like accounts, sales marketing.
Key results (Success Factors): - The success factors are defined as the key work or the innovation which differentiates them from others, like with low cost, better quality.
Involving: - It explains about making every individuals of a company participate in the certain roles to meet the target of the company.
Facilitating: - This is the managerial role where providing their team the required resources in order to complete the job.
Communicating: - It is the method of conveying the ideas and sharing the problems and solutions, between the team so that the clear picture will be driven to carry out each
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Focusing: - It explains about concentrating on the core are of the goal in order to achieve it in a clear way.
Unifying: - It is keeping people together in a team and making same vision of all, in order to achieve the soul goal of the company. Connecting: - This term explains about being informed by each other in a team and also binding all people in a team to meet the set mission.
Here, I feel connecting is most appropriate is connecting, because it is the way how the work has to be done. In order to be in group and holding same motives to work for the company it is very important for a leader to make their people connected. It is only the means of sharing ideas, problems and solutions.
5. Individuals (People), Tasks (Jobs). Enabling, Engaging, Empowering
Individuals (People): - Individuals are the one who are the most crucial and very much required to perform a task.
Tasks (Jobs): - Tasks are the responsibilities or work that are assigned to the individuals so that it can be compiled later in a team and make a product or service.
Enabling: - Enabling can be defined as, providing of adequate knowledge and skills to the individuals in a

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