Messi Persuasive Speech

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It’s the 28th birthday of the Barcelona wizard- widely heralded as one of the greatest ever to grace the sport; Lionel Messi is in a class of his own. With everything that he has achieved at such tender age, his story seems more like a fairy tale to believe on. But as once described by a commentator, “It’s Lionel Messi’s world and we are just living in it”, the Argentina international continues to turn impossible into ordinary week in and week out with his club and country.

We present you some of the best quotes on Messi by some of the game’s great representatives and journalists around the world.

Luis Figo- "For me, to watch Messi play is
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I knew him when he was a boy and I’ve watched him grow. He deserves it all."

Romario- "Newton and Einstein had a certain level of autism - I hope that, like them, Messi surpasses himself every day and continues to give us his beautiful brand of football."

Johan Cruyff- "For the world of football, Messi is a treasure because he is role model for children around the world. Messi will be the player to win the most Ballons d’Or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He’s in a different league."

Mario Gomez- “I am not crazy enough to compare myself with Messi because he is the best there ever was and the best there will ever be."
AC Milan chief Adriano Galliani - "Messi is the best player ever. And this is said by someone who has seen Maradona and Pele play."

Radamel Falcao- "Is Messi a real player or a PlayStation character?"

Spanish manager Miguel Angel Lotina - "Comparing CR7 to Messi is an exercise of ignorance in football. Messi is Messi and others, footballers."

Former Brazil manager Felipe Scolari- "The only bad thing about Ronaldo’s life is Messi. If it was not for him, Ronaldo would be the best player in the world for five years in a
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No other player is capable of solving tactical conundrums so frequently, as if he were playing just outside his house. Watching Messi is like taking a trip back through time; when he's on the ball he opens a crack which we can peek through to spy on the essence of football."

Diego Simeone- "Diego [Maradona] filled us with emotions. But between the cracks, without doubt, Messi is better than Maradona."
Ronaldinho [On receiving the Ballon d’Or in 2006] “This award says I’m the best player in the world, but I’m not even the best player at Barcelona.”
“Every time he plays, Leo Messi reminds me more of Maradona, both left-footed and short, Messi is the best player in the world, along with Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo. For us it is not a surprise. Since he began to come and train with us and we knew we would go down this path. Someday I will explain that I was at the birth of one of the footballing greats: Leo Messi.”

The quotes are endless, the article can go on and on compiling the superlatives used for expressing his genius, but we would conclude with this quote from Barca’s former manager Pep Guardiola-
"Don't write about him, don't try to describe him. Just watch

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