Linda Badham 's Realistic Approach Of Resurrection And The Problems Associated With Life After Death

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It would seem unimaginable that in time God would resurrect all persons who have passed to their original bodily form. That those who were cremated and their ashes spread in the ocean or on earth would be restored by God’s will. Like most people, I’ve experienced loss of a loved one, my mother who was cremated and her ashes spread in Rocky Mountain National Park, her request while living. Linda Badham’s realistic approach of resurrection and the problems associated with life after death brought about a sense of fear and dread within me. Linda Badham brings to light, how unlikely is it that our various atoms would come together to reconstruct our original human form (Peterson, et al., Philosophy of Religion, p.507)? Would we not once again be susceptible to age and illness that once brought us to death’s door (Ibid)? There would also to be a problem with space; where exactly would all humanity fit once resurrected, certainly not here on earth (Ibid). It’s saddens me to think that this existence in our physical form is all we have and nothing survives physical death. That I and those I’ve loved will not be resurrected and together once more. However, I am mindful that nothing is impossible for an all-powerful divine creator.
It would seem that God could resurrect us at will as it is claimed he created the universe in six days. Christ was said to die on the cross and be resurrected in his original body by God’s power over death itself. So too are we to be…

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