Lincoln Essay

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Lincoln: Democratic or Autocratic

“Lincoln was one of the most democratic and also one of the most autocratic of presidents.”

Abraham Lincoln was a very democratic president. He believed in the Union and would do anything to keep it together after the secession of the south that followed his election as president. However, to regain the entirety of the Union, he had to make some risky decisions that may have labeled him as autocratic. The fact that he was both democratic and autocratic is valid for the most part. However, the purpose of his tyrannical actions was to preserve the Union. Lincoln could be seen as democratic through his persistent drive to save the Union. After his election in 1860, the deep south seceded from the
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The Supreme Court even ruled this action unconstitutional, but Lincoln ignored it. Without putting much thought into it, this does seem unfair and unconstitutional. Put it was wartime, and not all the same rules apply. Lincoln made this decision for the benefit of the war effort. There were mob attacks on Union troops passing through Baltimore, so by suspending the writs, civilians supporting the Confederacy could be arrested and held without a trial. In addition, Lincoln expanded the size of the Union Army without congressional approvement. But of course, this was vital to the war, since this action allowed the North to outnumber the South. Also, the Emancipation Proclamation was considered unconstitutional by some. Lincoln pushed this act through that would free all the slaves in the Confederate territory without the vote from the states it would affect. But Lincoln’s reasoning behind this was that by making the war about slavery, it would prevent England and France from joining the fight, for if they did, it would be a lost cause for the North. In addition to this, Lincoln hoped that the free blacks would provide further trouble for the South. Not only would the freedom for all the South’s blacks completely shake their economy, they could also join the fight for their freedom. Lincoln did many things in extending his executive power that may have been seen as

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