Lincoln Electric Culture Case Analysis Essays

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Lincoln Electric Culture Case analysis.

One of the world 's biggest maker of welding machine and electrodes is the Lincoln Electric company. Since 1965, has seen the higher net income and incentives. Employees turnover is nonexistent except for retirement and Lincoln 's organization culture supported on closeness, trust, percentage control and classless tone is one of the reason why its so prosperous. History and influence of ownership
In 1895, John C. Lincoln took out his second patent and began to fabricate his improved motor. Establishing his new business with two hundred dollars he had earned designing a motor. John Lincoln rather than being a manager preferred being an engineer and inventor. That 's why in 1907, he give the General manager and vice president title to his younger brother James F. Lincoln. As head of the firm he asked his employees to select representatives to a committee that would help him on company procedures. This became the advisory board that meets with the main administrator officer twice monthly til this day. Since then, working hours were decreased from 55 per week, a normal during that period to 50 hours a week. In 1915, the organization started supplied each worker with a paid-up life insurance policy. In 1917, a welding school was established which still stands today. Likewise in 1918, an employee bonus plan was created but shortly after discontinued, however, the content has reappeared and become the anchor of the Lincoln management…

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