Lincoln Electric And Outcome-Oriented Culture: Case Study

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Use the framework from chapter eight of the textbook to discern aspects of the company’s culture.
Based off of the OCP Framework in (“Principals of Management,” 2013) starting on page 187-188, the company Lincoln Electric has a “People-Oriented Culture” because of the way it values the individual worker by the amount of trust and respect they show, but it also shows an overlapping sub-culture of an “Outcome-Oriented Culture” as well. The reason I say that is because it is a company that trains its employees to reduce waste and merits them on their hard work. Sharplin (1989) found.
First, look at the continuing influence of the founders of the company.
The Christian values that influenced the founder (John C. Lincoln). He did not proclaim his faith outwardly, but showed a remarkable strength of character that has carried the company throughout the years. The ability to persevere after losing his job and starting a new company shows this control. As Sharplin (1989) states, “…after being "frozen out" out… of (an) electric motors (company), John C. Lincoln took out his second patent and began to
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As stated on page 9 Sharplin (1989), “Formal authority is quite strong.” When I think of Authoritarian, I don’t automatically think of fair. On the flip side when I think of a relaxed atmosphere, I don’t think about it as functional. Lincoln Electric has found a balance to where the management is Authoritarian. It is also fair because it is based on mutual respect, communication, and hard work. It is humble because the highest paid employees eat at the same cafeteria and have only what they need, and helpful because everyone works toward the same overall goals of working hard and moving forward. Even though that last point may seem to imply a Team Style, the employees (although part of a team) are individually evaluated, promoted, and referred to. The structure of how this company is managed is something I have never seen

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