Like Mike Movie Review

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The release date for Like Mike the movie was released on July 3rd, 2002. Like Mike made a humungous profit, when it came down to their budget and the number of ticket sales they made. Their budget was $30,000,000 and the number of ticket sales or box office, was $51,432,760 rounding out to about an eleven million dollar profit. The production company that produced the film "Like Mike," was 20th Century Fox, which is known for some of the best movies. The main actors in "Like Mike," were Bow Wow, Jonathan Lipnichi, Morris Chestnut, Brenda Song, Crispin Glover, and Jesse Plemons. "Like Mike" won three major awards, starting off with an Espy award for Best Sports Movie, the other two awards were the Black Heel award, and the Best Film Soundtrack. The director of the movie was Marc S. Fischer he is known for three popular movies, "Theres Something About Marry" "Me, Myself, and Irenine," and "Vaction." The main producer of the film is John Schultz he is known for "Drive me Crazy," "Aliens in the Attic," and "HoneyMooners." There is no history that follows with this film, no book, no historical event, no series, or movement.

Like Mike was converted into a sequel "Like Mike 2 Streetball." The release date for this movie was in June 2006. The budget was way lower than the original movie at only $5,000,000. There were
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At night they have to sell chocolate for the orphanage, after every Los Angeles Knights. Calvin meets the team coach who is really impressed about Calvins knowledge about basketball, and his information about the chocolate, and offers Calvin tickets to the next home game. Calvin gets a pair of old basketball shoes from a thrift store, and he sees the initals "MJ" on them so he thinks that Michael Jordan once owned them. His shoes are stolen from a bully named Ox, and then throws them over a power line. Calvin tries to get them during a rainstorm and gets

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