Like Mike Character Analysis

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“Like Mike” a sports fantasy begins with introducing Calvin Cambridge (Shai Moss), Murph (Johnathan Lipnicki), Reg Stevens (Brenda Songs), and Ox (Jesse Plemmons) who are all orphans who lost their parents at a young age. Calvin, Murph and Reg all are close friends while Ox is an antagonist towards Calvin. They’re all fourteen years old and live at the same orphanage. Ox who is an antagonist towards Calvin challenges him in a game of basketball for his jersey so that he can rip it up. Stan Bittleman (Crispin Glover) is the orphan's guardian takes the orphans to the Staples Center to sell chocolate. Mr.Bittleman is only interested in money and does not care about any of the orphans. At the Staples Center Calvin runs into the Coach Wagner (Robert …show more content…
Late in the fourth quarter Calvin ruins his shoes after players falling on him. With the shoes ruined and his want to go back to a regular lifestyle Calvin tells the coach it’s his last game. After the timeout Calvin pump fakes Vince Carter and passes it to Tracy for the game winning shot. When Calvin heads back to the orphanage Tracy adopts him and Murph. Reg gets adopted by another family but they all stay in contact. Bittleman ends up missing because he didn’t have enough money to pay his bet, so the orphanage is sponsored by the Knights.
Michael Elliot and Jordan Moffet are the writers of Like Mike. Michael Elliot is most famously known for also writing Like Mike 2, Just Wright and Brown Sugar. Jordan Moffet is also well known for George of the Jungle 2 and Whispers: An Elephant’s Tale. John Schultz the director of Like Mike directed many other movies like Drive Me Crazy. Aliens in the Attic and The Honeymooners. There is some diversity between the writers and director of Like Mike based on the genre of written and directed. Michael Elliot made two other movies with pretty much the same genre as Like
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Calvin, Reg and Murph are all adorable orphans which make it easier to sympathize with them. The antagonists like Ox and Bittleman Which allows the audience to build a connection with the three of them. I appreciate this sports fantasy because it put a short kid with a big heart to shine. He gained the abilities of a professional and outplayed other professionals despite his age and height. You do not see that often, that aspect made me more interested into the movie. If you are a basketball fan this movie will be very interesting, especially with the incorporation of many different star players into the movie. Like Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, David Robinson and Allen Iverson. “Like Mike” was able to make the movie a fantasy but, also add realistic details into it. There’s a fantasy a kid always wanted implemented in realistic scenarios. They make up a fake NBA team (Los Angeles Knights) who actually play real NBA

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