Life On The Boundary By Mike Rose Essay

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In the novel, Lives on the Boundary by Mike Rose, Rose is dealing with school, mainly from his high school days through college. Rose had to take a placement test for a high school named, Our Lady of Mercy, in order to enter as a freshman, and unfortunately his test scores got mixed up with another student named Rose, who had a lower score (Rose 24). Rose was then placed into vocational track which is for students who need to take remedial classes because they need the extra help (Rose 24). During this time Rose had much help from certain teachers in which he began to look up to. There is one teacher who helps Rose with big decisions in which I admire the most and his name is Jack MacFarland. I can relate to the position that Rose is in during the time MacFarland helps out, due to my own school experiences. Even in Roses college years he got a lot of help from some professors. Through the ups and downs of school, Rose had teachers and professors that were willing to help him and I wish I had that attention from teachers when I was in high school. High school was a slow start for Rose, and then it furthered into a challenge. During Roses sophomore year he had a vocational education teacher named Brother Clint who taught biology and found the placement test error due to the curiosity of Roses high test scores in class, so he pushed Rose into taking college course classes starting his junior year (Rose 29-30). Since Clint found the error, Rose was able to move on to more…

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