Essay on Life Of Marshal Mather 's ' A Day Night ' And 8 Mile '

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Looking at me, you may not believe that I went through an Eminem phase. It all started when I was babysitting one night and 8 mile, a movie loosely based on the life of Marshal Mather’s better known as Eminem, came on (don’t worry, the kids were already sound asleep). I loved the movie and the music in it so much that I started researching Eminem’s life. I mean the man is a lyrical genius how can you not become slightly obsessed with him at some point in your life. I started listening to his music. I bought all of his albums. Every last one. And out of all 19 albums, the song Beautiful is my favorite. This song stands out from his others, because there is more emotion in this one compared to his other work. When Eminem first began writing the song that later came to be known as Beautiful he had recently lost a childhood friend and band member, DeShaun Dupree Holton, which caused him to fall into a drug addiction and severe depression. The beginning of the song starts out talking about how depressed he was and how he just couldn’t “seem to get out this slump” (8.) He continues to talk about how with his status it is difficult to connect with anyone who can help him so he can get back on his feet and start rapping again. Towards the end of the song you can see where he revisited the lyrics because the mood of the song changes and takes on a different meaning altogether. He starts talking about coming out of his depression and instead of feeling sorry for himself…

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