Life Is Messy And The Struggles Of Being A Family Essay

823 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Divorced Family Many movies, like the movie “Parenthood” show how life is messy and the struggles of being a family. I have lived it. There is no way to watch the movie “Parenthood” and say, “My family is perfect, and nothing ever goes wrong”. That would be way too unrealistic because every person is not perfect, thus creating a not so perfect family. Not all of us have grandparents, or if we do they may be a little crazy. We may also not have parents who are still together, which is just fine as well. I, however, have grown up my whole life with my parents being divorced. It had been difficult at times, but I know my parents did the best they could for me. Several decades ago, the thought of divorce was not as common as it is today. Some people get married these days they think to themselves’, “If it doesn’t work out, I can always just get divorced, right?” This is technically the case, but in my view, I think you should never look at divorce as a simple option to fix your relationship. Marriage is a commitment to your partner that you will be there through the good and bad times. If you do not think he or she is the one, you should not get married right away. Forcing a relationship will not work. My parents met about 20 years ago. Both were working at the same restaurant, Applebee’s. They soon started dating, and one thing led to another. Before they knew it, my mother was pregnant with me. My parents weren’t married at this point and personally, I feel…

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