Life And Goals : How Culture, Surroundings, And Family Have Affected My Life Goals

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In reflecting on how culture, surroundings, and family have affected my life and goals, I realize I have gone between polar opposites. Family bonds have both filled superficial needs, while those same needs have broken bonds. I have learned the best way to fill any void was through school.
I lived in El Paso, Texas, until I was nine. Most people, including my family, stayed inside behind closed doors and barred windows to hide from demons lurking the streets. Dad used alcohol and drugs, mainly heroin or, on a calm day, marijuana. I found peace and safety in the high branches of the tree in the front yard. But my true safe haven was school. I was never great at math or science, but those subjects answered the simplest burning question “Why…?” It seemed logical reasoning was my way to excel in school. The principal found a grant to send me to a private school in Houston where my talent would not be wasted. Unfortunately even with the grant and both of my parents working, the cost of room and board made it impossible for me to attend.
Over Christmas break in 2006, we sold our home and moved to Kansas to be near my mother’s family. It was a different world, where everyone went to church, drank in moderation, and welcomed company with an open door. Dad’s addictions were less problematic with the lack of heroin in Kansas. Dad occasionally had fits, and my parents fought every now and then, but life became comfortable. I was baptized in the Catholic faith in fifth grade, and I…

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