Essay about Lie: My Favorite Word and Why

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Lie: My Favorite Word and Why At one point, people lie about something they have done or they did not do as expected. Lie is a word that my friends and I have used frequently and continue to use in our lifetime. Basically, the usefulness of lie in both bad and good situations is the rationale behind why it is my favorite word. During my childhood, I have used lie in both occasions: in bad and good situations. For instance, I once lied to my teacher that I was unable to make it to school in time because my mum car broke down about two kilometers away in order to avoid punishment. Again, I lied to my friends that I would not attend their party because I was not feeling well; however, the main aim was to prepare myself in the upcoming …show more content…
In another instance, I lied to my relatives that everything was fine after I separated with my long time girlfriend despite that I became depressed after the incident. Thus, adults use lie to hide their true feelings and opinions about other people’s actions and standpoints. In short, adults use lies to depict their opposite character. After becoming a grownup, I intend to have a family. In that period, the word lie will play a significant role in establishing a better relationship between my children and me. In particular, I will use lies where necessary like in situations where I want to establish a positive attribute or thinking in my children. For instance, I will create a story which I will lie to them it represents something that happen sometimes before. In the story, I will depict how certain character in the story was successful after telling the truth about wrongs he or she committed. Such lies will prepare my children to become responsible people in the future. At one point, my children will understand why I used to lie in some cases: to make them more responsible and thus promote their life and that of their future generations. Basically, they will agree with Ramirez (2004) argument that, a lie is a lifestyle. All in all, a lie is a cycle which does not have a beginning or an end. At individual level, this

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