Libraries Of The Future Public Libraries Case Study

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Libraries of the future public libraries are moving into a direction of redesigning library space, moving away from set traditional ways and welcoming the digital age for their communities. As we take a closer glance into the future it entitles people wanting to gaining access to information at a rapid rate. However, the challenges public libraries will face are securing adequate funding to support such major changes.

Eliminating the Dewey systems application
Consenus (2009) examined the effect of the public libraries that will take place within the next 10 years. It is perceived that libraries will be eliminating the different types of applications, such as the Dewey system in replacement for faster access such as searching blogs, online
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The primary concerned in the future entitles cost control and cost cutting. The concentration will be directed on the community for support and in return the public library will extend and enhance technological innovation. Based on the research, public libraries of the future will have to control and cut cost as well as expand their resources such as information, digital content and bibliographic collections for the community support and in return extending and enhancing technological …show more content…
An administered study focused on reference transactions in public libraries a total of 4,135 questions were asked and 13, 827 were eliminated. The results indicated that local libraries would need to ensure that proper training is done for reference desk providers in the areas of non-informational and technology questions in-order to be effective with their local patrons. Based on the research, it was discovered that reference providers lack the non-informational and technology skills needed to be effective. As technology is utilize more in the future librarians will need to be well rounded in all areas as it relates to public libraries in the

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