Essay on Liberal Thinkers Vs Conservative Thinkers

1086 Words Jan 3rd, 2016 null Page
As Americans, we all look for equal and fair opportunities in life. Americans strive to allow others to live comfortably and fair as possible, and as issues occur for living comfortably, there are people who think differently of how individuals should live. For example, there are liberal and conservative thinkers. Liberal thinkers believe the government should control how people live, and have a say so in daily lives, while conservative thinkers, believe in personal responsibilities and limited government opinion. My position is on the conservative side because, as an individual you should be able to make decisions based off your life circumstances and what works for you as an individual in america, not the government. As a conservative thinker, you also may have a little guidance from the government, but most decisions are based off you as an individual and your lifestyle. As individuals make decision of what works best for them, there is also an issue of having the right to bear arms, stated in the Bill of Rights, in the second amendment. The second amendment states allows people to have the right to keep and bear arms, and as an individual, I stand on the conservative side to do so, rather than a liberal thinker, who believes in authorities being the only ones to bear arms and protect individuals. As a conservative agreeing on the right to bear arms, this will protect people from situations that the police will not be in time to protect them from, and defending…

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