Li Ning Running Case Study

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1. Executive Summary
Despite Li Ning current tactics enhancing the structure and the profit of the group, the Chairman and CEO hope Lining can be the leading sports brand in China. This report will using the “Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) RABOSTIC Planning Model” devised by Pickton and Broderick (2005, p.1), which helps to planned, organized and managed marketing communications, the following report will guide the implementation of new methods of contacting target especially the consumers in Hong Kong. To help Li Ning Running enter Hong Kong market, suggestions made in this plan are propose to expand the market and increase profits as all recommended implementations would be undertaken by a competent student volunteer.

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6. Objectives (global awareness)
Based on the financial restrictions of Li Ning Running, the ideals of Li Ning Running and the assumption mention in section 3, a realistic set of communications objectives have been devised to ensure their aims in an effective and efficient manner:
• Wide the awareness of the brand in Hong Kong and build the believe attitude to the brand of potential audiences through digital platforms. The responses and opinions on the platforms can show the degree of popularity of the target audiences. Aims on having a continued increase of the followers of these platforms every year.
• Run successfully marketing events that similar to those they have done in Mainland China. Li Ning Running may take the advantage of some long history events to ensure the participation of the event.

7. Strategy and Tactics
There are a number of strategic options for Li Ning Running to achieve the objective mention in section 6. By using the analysis of the Ansoff’s matrix, it showed the strategies that Li Ning Running can use in the following
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(A significant amount of the rental property will show on the first year integrated communication plan.) To set up a flag store is a basic way to communicate with the consumers and customers in an inter-personal way. The staff can promote our brand and products though the face-to-face communication with the customers. At the same time, in the opening of the store, Li Ning Running can attract the customers by the gifts or souvenirs. Nowadays, it is very common that giving some gifts or souvenirs after the customers “like” or “follow” the related digital

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