Leyz Waswa Narrative Essay

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Main objective
To undertake repatriation for resettlement of Leyz Waswa back into his family
Specific objectives
 To reunite the child back into his family
 To find out the reasons that led to school dropout
 To give possible solutions to the issues that led to out of home placement
Repatriation of Leyz Waswa to his home in Kakamega County, Navakholo division, Nambaja location, Sirgoi sublocation, Simuli village was conducted on 1st October, 2015.
He is a 20 years old boy born in 1995 in western province, Kakamega County.
His name is Douglas Waswa Balama contrary the name he had registered at the centre.
He is a son to Josephat Balama Waswa a 43 years old man and Jane Indeche a
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He later on joined his parents and siblings at their home in the year 2005 and joined Emulakha primary school in standard 5 and went up to class 6 but dropped out after sometime.

In 2012, St. Joseph primary school was officially opened and it being the nearest public school, his father opted to transfer all his children there. Douglas picking up from standard 7
Douglas was a very bright boy and used to perform well in his exams but started developing some weird characters, being indiscipline in school and at home.
He started stealing maize from his father’s granary and selling it to their neighbors.
He even went up to an extent of stealing 5000 shillings from his father’s wallet after he had just been paid his bonus from Mumias Sugar Company and running away for about one week before coming
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The boy just wanted to let him know that he was safe wherever he is but refused to reveal his whereabouts.
The father tried tracing him through that number but his efforts didn’t bare any fruits. He had to report the matter to the nearest police station in Lurambi and was referred to the children’s office in Kakamega but he didn’t get the necessary support that he was expecting. He gave up and just decided to let the boy do what he feels is best for him. OBSERVATIONS
Douglas Waswa comes from a stable family with both parents alive and willing to support him fully if he is willing to undertake vocational training because he is now past the school going age.
All his other siblings are in school and doing well. In fact, his younger sister who is the second born will be seating for his KCPE exams this year.
The family is living in a three roomed house with a separate kitchen extension.
Douglas is not trustworthy, honest and straight forward. He is a child of questionable integrity.
 Douglas Waswa has dropped out of school several times. For instance,
 On 23rd may 2011, he dropped out without any valid reason and went missing for few days then came back to his

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