Lewis And Clark Analysis

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Lewis and Clark; Journey to the Pacific “we all believe we are about enter on the most perilous and dificuelt part of our voyage yet I see noone repineing”- William Clark, June 20, 1805. St. Louis May of 1804, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, others, and I set off on an expedition that would last about 28 months. The one goal they had was to find a Northwest Passage way to the Pacific. Jefferson also wanted Lewis to write down animals, plants, and the type of landscapes they crossed paths with. Clark was an excellent map maker, so he was appointed to make the map of the river that they followed and the landscapes they traveled through. May 19, 1804-St. Charles, Missouri (as I recall) is the first time that they saw …show more content…
The perennial grew to about two feet long. It had thin stalks with small purplish white flowers in clusters. The majority of them were found in dry prairies and hills. This particular plant preferred light and well-drained soil. Missouri was the one river they traveled the most on. It was the one river that they needed to follow in order to find the Pacific Ocean. The Missouri River flowed like a brushstroke of good luck, Lewis wrote. They saw many types of animals throughout the journey. The majority of animals were buffalo, bears, elk, and deer. The Indians that lived around the river called it Pekitanoui, meaning the river of big canoes. Lewis brought many skills to this journey, and most of why he was chosen. He had joined the state militia. That one action had made it so Jefferson could trust him to be able to fight against any enemies if their paths had crossed. He was once a private secretary, meaning that he knew the differences between rational and nonrational choices that Jefferson wanted him to make. Lewis was a very confident person, and with him being confident it made the team, and I, more confident in him. I know that I trusted him with my life, but it was because he was a very trustworthy

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