Essay on Level 3 Behavioral Change Assessment Tool

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Level 3 Behavioral Change Assessment Tool

Reasoning (Level 3)
Instructional design students are expected to take the role of team leader as the need arises. Behaviors such as team communication, planning ahead, patience and responsibility must be cultivated to handle this responsibility. Assessing if the student has achieved these behaviors is essential and is accomplished through level 3 assessments. It tests the gap between knowing what must be done, and actually employing the training learned in the field (Horton, 2001). Furthermore, it allows the instructor to see which parts of the instruction succeed, and which failed, so that they may re-evaluate the program accordingly.
Unlike level 1, which accesses the course and level 2, which accesses the students’ knowledge while in the course room, level 3 allows for instructors to access their students after they’ve already been out in the field for some time. While other evaluations may only provide a limited sampling of what the student is capable of (Student Assessment Chapter 12: Testing and Assessment Issues, 2011) level 3 manages a greater assessment that grants instructors a greater idea of just how much of the school’s training has made the student successful.
Application Plan (Level 3) The student will be notified at the end of their course that within three months they will be sent a survey. They will be instructed that this survey will focus on how well in the field they’ve been able to utilize their developed…

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