NTN Project Planning Toolkit

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The student participates in reciprocal teaching session for 15 days. The procedures are adapted from NTN Project Planning Toolkit 2013.(see attached) On session one, the students are given instructions about the project, receive an entry document that introduces them to the project. A speaker from an organization in Greenville that works to help victims of human trafficking comes in to speak to the students. The students ask questions once the speaker is finished to gain clarity about the topic. During the second session, the teacher will provide a video on Human Trafficking and the students will write down five things that they find interesting, five things that they need clarity on, and five things that they can do to help end human trafficking. …show more content…
(see attached rubric) For group work, the students are graded in knowledge and thinking under the scoring domains of content, argument, narrative, and theme. Under written communication, the students are graded on organization, development, language use and conventions. Under oral communication, the students are graded under clarity, evidence, organization, language use, and use of digital media, visual displays. Under collaboration the students are graded under interpersonal communication, commitment to shared success, team and leadership roles. Under Agency, the students are graded under the use of effort and practice to grow, grow from setbacks, meets benchmarks, seek feedbacks, tackle and monitor learning, and actively participates. The teacher measures the progress of the student by collecting benchmark scores and grading class assignments on within 48hours. To assess individual knowledge, the students are given an individual assessment of knowledge and thinking ( IAKT) at the completion of the project which is 3-4 weeks. The students are graded on knowledge and thinking and written communication. The scoring for Emerging is 60%-74%. The score for developing ranges from 75%-89%. Students can receive a college prep title if they score receive 90-100%. Students who are working towards honors have to receive a score of 90%-100% and have to go beyond the

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