Let 's Take The Kids Down At The Beach Essay

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"Let’s take the kids down to the beach today.” Joshua was slipping bottled water, apples, and crackers into the backpack we took everywhere with us like I’d already said yes.
“Ugh. Today? Can’t we just stay home and put on a movie for the kids?” Victoria lolled her head to the side –the thought of trekking all four kids down to the beach and then trying to have an enjoyable afternoon while trudging through the sand was exhausting. They hadn’t even left the house, and she was already exhausted.
“You used to love walking on the beach,” Joshua said. He threw out a fake pout, hoping she would bite. “Don’t make me take these monsters alone. They’ll eat me as soon as your back is turned.”
Steph came running around the corner. “Da-ddy! We’re not monsters!” she squealed in practiced indignation. Her heart-covered leggings and sequined tutu were almost too much to bear.
Joshua picked her up and put her on his shoulders. “That’s right. You’re not a monster. You’re my marshmallow puff. Your brothers are monsters.” As if he’d been waiting for his moment, Eddie’s head peeked into the room. He stuck his tongue out at Joshua and slipped away again. “I hate it when he does that. He’s going to be a ninja when he grows up. Seriously.” Victoria narrowed her eyes at Joshua and Steph, who were whispering back and forth. They both looked up suddenly with pleading eyes and pouting lips. “Please, mommy?” They had officially ganged up on her. She couldn’t say no now; it didn’t matter how…

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