Leonardo Da Vinci : The Most Influential And Celebrated Men Of His Time

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Leonardo Da Vinci is regarded as one of the most influential and celebrated men of his time. Many consider him to be the father of the Renaissance as his work ultimately transcended this time. Best known for his work as a painter, Leonardo Da Vinci was also a talented inventor, spending a majority of his spare time away from art. During this time away, Leonardo attempted to discover new ways to advance science and technology. Never being afraid of dreaming big, Leonardo obtained a remarkable ability to look beyond traditional thinking to produce quality inventions and innovations towards the betterment of society. As a result, he was able to generate the framework for what later would be developed into many of the inventions we use today. Such inventions include the the armored car, the parachute, the aerial screw which is now referred to as the helicopter, the ornithopter which many consider to be the basis of modern airplanes that exist today, and the ball-bearing. All of these creations came from the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci through the blueprints drawn within his notebooks. However, during the Renaissance, these ideas were quite simply that, ideas. As prolific of an inventor he may have been, Leonardo dreamed of innovations that were far too advanced for his time. A majority of these sketches by Leonardo would not be invented until centuries later which begs the question; what effect, if any, did these inventions serve towards society during time in which they…

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