The Medieval Period : The Renaissance And The Age Of Discovery

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The medieval period started in the 5th century, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and the 15th century around the Renaissance and The Age of Discovery. Most is what is said of the period is focused mostly on Europe where the empire fell and the Catholic Church exercise most of its’ power. The age is both look upon as ignorant and barbaric, as well as an enlightening time by historians. This is debated because not all people were the same, most were ignorant and few gain and spread knowledge. Most importantly when the Renaissance began, ignorance faded away over time with machines like the printing press, literacy and education spreading, and humanism evaluating religion and medieval life; also people like Desiderus Erasmus, Ferdinand Magellan, Leonardo da Vinci, and Nicolaus Copernicus did what William Manchester said in "A World Lit Only By Fire", "the power of the medieval mind was forever broken".

The Renaissance, literacy, and the printing press changed medieval Europe by spreading knowledge and allowed people to make their opinions. The Renaissance has no precise beginning, but it is assumed this began near the end of the 14th century in Florence. The Renaissance changed Europe with the introduction of humanism ideas, which allowed people to question openly for the first time in history without fear. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire, scholars and holders of Greek texts migrated to the West where scholars there learned science and philosophy from the…

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