The Medieval Period: The Renaissance And The Age Of Discovery

The medieval period started in the 5th century, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and the 15th century around the Renaissance and The Age of Discovery. Most is what is said of the period is focused mostly on Europe where the empire fell and the Catholic Church exercise most of its’ power. The age is both look upon as ignorant and barbaric, as well as an enlightening time by historians. This is debated because not all people were the same, most were ignorant and few gain and spread knowledge. Most importantly when the Renaissance began, ignorance faded away over time with machines like the printing press, literacy and education spreading, and humanism evaluating religion and medieval life; also people like Desiderus Erasmus, Ferdinand …show more content…
Magellan was a Portuguese explorer ,born of noble heritage, and unlike most nobles he lacked the grace to woo people as other nobles did. His goal was to find a way to reach the Spice Islands, the East Indies, after the map he received showed him a path in the Americas. It was unsurprisingly inaccurate due to the lack of information found about the area, but did eventually lead towards the islands before he became a missionary for an island and died fighting another person 's war. Before and after he died he changed the world forever, his ship circumnavigated the globe proving that the world is round and disproving the church 's idea that 's it is flat. He traveled new lands like the Antarctica and the Philippines, and showed the world is a lot larger than Columbus made it look. Leonardo da Vinci changed Europe by introducing many future inventions in his sketches like helicopters, parachutes, airplanes, and etc. He created art that invoked emotion with complex facial expressions, added shading to make his art look realistic, added distance with perspective, studied anatomy to create realistic drawings of people. He studied botany, biology, and more. He was the ideal man of the Renaissance age, and his contributions to several fields helped start others on their discoveries. Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer, he was jeered his discoveries and was died a laughingstock. Still he changed the medieval perceptions of the planet by finding out the world revolve around the sun contrary to the belief that the sun revolve around the Earth. He also found out that the planets around the sun all have uniform, constant revolutions around the sun, and the planets tilts as they revolve. His discoveries contradicted the absolute power of the church, and created skepticism around

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