Legionnaires Disease Essay

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Legionnaires’ Disease is a kind of common pneumonia and caused by bacteria, Legionella Pneumophila. Legionnaires’ Disease becomes more and more in recent years in Hong Kong.

Background information
The first outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease happened in 1976 which found in Philadelphia in the United States and caused 34 people to die. It is an acute bacterial disease, its incubation period is 2-10 days. Thus, the most common transmission of Legionella are disseminate sprays and droplets of water. Not transmitted by contact. Men, over 50 years old, smokers, alcoholics, immunosuppressed patients and immunocompromised patients are the susceptible population.

Signs and Symptoms Anorexia, high fever, non-productive cough, abdominal,
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Patients are persuaded treating with antibiotics in seven to ten days except some cases. Also, for the severe cases, they will be given by intravenous infusion. Moreover, it requires hospitalization. Medical staffs need to observe the patients whose condition may become more serious. Potential treatment for different patient groups with Legionnaires’ Disease. For example the severely ill patients need to take rifampicin with erythromycin etc.

Respiratory failure is the lung infection has influenced the lungs no longer able to offer the body with enough oxygen or cannot eliminate enough carbon dioxide. Septic shock is that reducing the blood flow suddenly when a serious infection leads to organ failure and very low blood pressure. The heart attempts to reimburse by raising the volume of blood pumped. Acute kidney failure which is abrupt loss of kidney’s ability to fulfill their main function, the adventurous levels of fluid and waste store up in body.

Case review
We knew that no matter in the community, government office, hospital, or HK local celebrity, it both have chances to infect Legionnaires' Disease. Refer to some newspapers that Legionella bacteria were easily found in the drinking water, sink in the private toilets, faucets and showers in hospital's ward, oxygen machine

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