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Infectious disease have been around for many years. They impact many species, including humans. The study of how the disease spread is epidemiology (1). Epidemiology looks at the way a disease spread across a group of people. It looks at the changes in disease patterns (1). There is also a new movement in included anthropologic perspectives to the study of epidemiology (9). I argue that by understanding the epidemiology of disease of the past we can develop prevention plans for the disease in the future. In order to complete this task, I plan on focusing on the development of the disease and how it relates to the daily lives of the people in that urban setting. I am going to explore three different epidemics location in urban areas. These epidemics …show more content…
The first is Cultural Epidemiology, this is exploring the cultural side of epidemiology. It looks at the way the culture spread the disease (9). That can be the infected people riding the subway or people of different ethnic or class being more prone to contracting that disease. The second is the use of Geographic Informational Science (GIS) is under the way the disease spreads in the society. I plan on focusing on the daily livings of the city, such as, public transportation and the class of the people in the city. In order to do this, I plan on creating a map if the disease, including factors like public transition, economical status, and population in area. These factors on the disease cases may help to understand patterns that may present themselves. The third is the Theory of Epidemiologic Transition, which looks at that complex changes of the pattern of disease and health and the pattern on the people within the society. It order to do this it looks at the demographic, economic, and sociologic aspects of the society (1). This is important to understanding the pattern of the disease in different groups of people. It can also be combined with GIS in order to understand that way in which the aspects of the society affect the spread of the disease.
Literature review In this section of the paper, I plan on talking about the literature available related to this topic. This section is going to broke into section based on the topics I plan on using in the paper.
Theories of Epidemiology in

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