Epidemiology Exercise: Contagion

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Epidemiology Exercise
1. Briefly describe the natural history of the disease in the outbreak; its progression from onset (exposure) to resolution.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2012b), the natural history of the disease refers to the course of a disease from its onset until resolution or death occurs. For the purpose of this question, I will discuss the natural of history of the disease focusing on patient zero. Other’s exposed had variation in the length of time it took to progress from exposure to the onset of symptoms the average range was approximately 1-2 days and disease spectrums ranged from mild to fatal. However, some exposed never presented with the disease, as they were immune.
In the movie Contagion,
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For example, in the movie, Emhoff traveled from Hong Chong to Chicago and then to Minneapolis and infected everyone who had contact with her or items she had touched. The more places she went, the more people she exposed (Soderbergh et al., 2012). The same can be seen with Emhoff’s son who unknowingly took the infection into the school and thus spread the virus even more (Soderbergh et al., 2012). According to Stanhope & Lancaster (2014), place is a key factor when determining the distribution of the disease and can assist in determining the prevalence of illness in different geographic regions.
Time was relevant to outbreak as time was evaluated to determine the incubation period of the disease and to determine the point of the epidemic (CDC, 2012a). Time helped to determine whether or not a person was immune or infected and contributed to determining isolation periods. 3. Apply the epidemiologic triangle to the disease outbreak; identify components of the triangle and provide the example from the movie for each component. Include the mode of
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One method of primary prevention identified in this outbreak was when the droplet precautions and contact precautions were initiated. The public was taught about the virus modes of transmission through radio and television and health official utilized droplet and contact precautions. These in preventative measures were effective in preventing Jory the stepdaughter of Emhoff from becoming infected as she wore a mask in public and did not make physical contact with others infected (Soderbergh et al., 2012). One noteworthy moment in the movie was when the nurses went on strike until protocols were in place as they were advocating for their safety (Soderbergh et al., 2012). It 's hard to determine the level of success these preventative measures had, as the highest level of prevention was the vaccine that was developed by Dr. Hextall (Soderbergh et al.,

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