Overpopulation: The Causes And Effects Of World Population In The World

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Have you ever thought about the number of people in the world around you? According to Webster’s Dictionary, world population means the whole number of people or inhabitants on the earth. The population of the world is ever growing. Every year our planet population increases by 80 million people on average, at this rate, in 2050, our world population will hit 11 billion(Current World Populations…). Our thriving world population is becoming a threat to society. Understanding the history of world population, the causes for world population growth, the factors that contribute to this problem and finally the effects of the world population, will aid in finding a solution.
This history of world population reflects significant changes at the industrial revolution around 1800, where the population started growing
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When our planet reached its maximum population, resources began to be demanded quickly. Overpopulation puts not only the environment in danger, but all of the future generations. Food, land and water shortage problems will start to appear more and more. Approximately, 200 million people died in the past twenty years due to hunger. As our numbers increase, species will decrease. The more area we take up, the more natural resources we are destroying. Without the space for the extra amount, people are being forced to live in unhealthy environments. If we do not change our living standards soon, the planet will be deprived of room and resources permanently. The gases, trash, emission our world puts out daily has a long lasting impact on the Earth. Every day the average American family uses up 300 gallons of water, at this rate freshwater will be scarcely available for everyday usage. Air pollution from cars all around the world emit carbon dioxide constantly. Those levels of poisonous gases are building up in the atmosphere, causing harmful radiation from the sun allowed onto

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