World Population Research Paper

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Have you ever thought about the number of people in the world around you? According to Webster’s Dictionary, world population means the whole number of people or inhabitants on the earth. The population of the world is ever growing. Every year our planet population increases by 80 million people on average, at this rate, in 2050, our world population will hit 11 billion(Current World Populations…). Our thriving world population is becoming a threat to society. Understanding the history of world population, the causes for world population growth, the factors that contribute to this problem and finally the effects of the world population, will aid in finding a solution.
This history of world population reflects significant changes at the industrial
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For example, currently in Thailand, the unhealthy population of 89 million people makes it difficult “to feed, clothe, educate and find jobs for” (Population Growth…)the 24 million surplus. Another issue at hand includes cropland scarcity, these rapidly growing populations make farming impossible in countries that have shrinking cropland. As time goes on, our food prices will continue to rise as our food supply decreases, creating a long lasting problem for our future. Our epidemic growth all over has been caused by some key factors in day to day life. Without access to clean water, only 25% of the remaining world countries suffer to grow today. Epidemic diseases are a direct effect from unhealthy drinking water; for example, cholera and diarrhea are diseases directly linked to poor public health. Also, the constant struggle to provide proper housing as the population continues to increase. In some places “women and children are forced to live in the poorest community where they are open to exploitation and abuse.” (Population Growth…). Soon enough, urban areas will be filled with more of the world’s population than ever before. However thanks to the power of modernized medicine and technology, diseases and infections are easier to conquer than ever before. The biggest medical conquest of the 21st century was vaccinations, with …show more content…
Currently, the only country that has taken action against overpopulation is China. China has the largest population in the world, over three times the population of the United States. They are enforcing the One-child Policy, allowing only one child to be born in each family. Out of the Chinese population, a surprising 76% support the decision.For each person, we use about 10-20 acres throughout their life to satisfy their everyday needs. The fact is, each year the average American is increasing their global footprint greatly. In order to control the population growth, certain actions need to take place. If the world was more aware of the “environmental and social cost of overpopulation”, families would consider having smaller families and “the constraints of the local and global environment.” Population expert Laurie Mazur once said, “Slower population growth is part of a ‘virtuous cycle’ that can help promote equality. Where family planning is available, where couples are confident their children will survive, where girls go to school, where young women and men have economic opportunity, couples will have healthier and smaller families-and the gaps that divide men and women, rich and poor, will diminish” (Mazur, Laurie; Pg.11). “The problems of all of humanity can only be solved by all of humanity” –Friedrich Durrenmatt, Swiss

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