Essay Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Across The United States

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Each of us always wants to love and be loved. However, sometimes the Creator born people without giving them the right to choose the gender as they want. We always think that love is a combination of man and woman. However, today, love exists between the same sex. They also have the desire as usual, there is a longing for home and family. However, the law and public opinion they are not wanted. That is why a new bill should be enacted to legalize same-sex marriage across the United States. • In our subconscious, marriage is one of the goals of life. Besides education and career, the journey to success, everyone is trying to find a perfect love and marriage satisfactory. Because marriage also serves as the catalyst for all other relationships. Marriage is also a rope connecting the members of the family together. • Previously, gays always stigmatized and ignored in society; but now, they have received the love of most people. For the first time, gay marriage was legalized in Mass in 2004 has created a springboard to promote equality of calling for gay marriage in the state continued as Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire , and New York properties to date in July 2012 (Ocobock, 191). Although limited in some states, but it also shows the openness of the majority of today. According to the statistics show that approximately 50,000 same-sex couples are legalized from 2004 (Ocobock, 191). Thus, we have the right to expect that in the distant future, gay marriage will be…

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