Legalization Of Legalization For Undocumented Immigrants Essay

1184 Words May 1st, 2015 null Page
There are many reasons why there should be a legalization for undocumented immigrants. One of those reasons is that legalizing immigrants will help be safer and there will be a better background check of individuals. It will create a much safer environment anywhere undocumented immigrants go. Another reason would be that undocumented immigrants now have become a great part in job industries, industries that we rely heavily upon. Also, education plays a great role in the United States which the federal law blocks aid for undocumented students. There should be a legalization for illegal immigrants because it will benefit safety, economy, and education.

Legalizing illegal immigrants will benefit safety in the country for citizens and unlawful immigrants. Many states have established their own laws in their own states. Some laws established have not been too humane, for instance the law S.B. 1070 in Arizona (“Arizona’s SB 1070”). This law was accepted by the supreme court along with other similar bills (“Arizona’s SB 1070”). The law S.B. 1070 allows officers to arrest and detain any person whom they have a suspicion of being an unlawful immigrant for the way someone looks or the way someone speaks. (“Why does the U.S. Need Immigration Reform?”). Officers that do this such act of arresting for what a person looks like and the way they speak is races. This law is inhumane in the way that it starts losing morality throughout the country. Losing morality because of racism will…

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