A Case For Christ Analysis

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Case for Christ

In Lee Strobels "a case for Christ" A case is made to try and prove that the Bible is not just a fantasy book. Nonbelievers believe that the Bible is full of tall tales. Lee Strobel does his best to prove and get evidence that it is more than just a book. He is trying to prove that it 's fact and nonfiction.

Do you Strobel went on a two-year face extravaganza journey. He is a very educated man having done to Oxford and Harvard. He is a lawyer and he decided to take on one of the hardest cases it 's not the actual hardest case ever. He set a goal to prove or at least tried to prove that the Bible, basically the whole New Testament, what 's fact.The
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I am glad that there is evidence that many events are historical fact in the bible. It is hard for me to put words on my feelings for this book and I mean no offence. I have had much conflict and argument throughout my childhood and life, so that is maybe why I am almost angered that the bible has to be argued about. I’ve never like it when preachers try to sell their ideas to me in a way that I feel bad at the end of the day if I don’t believe them myself. Im a very open minded person but I don’t like when people force feed me their opinions, even if there is books full of evidence. I guess I just don’t want to hear it. Maybe that makes me unteachable to some people? Maybe that makes me stubborn? But I would rather they give me suggestions and guide me instead of trying to prove me wrong. I got a very argumentative and angry vibe from this book. With doubts myself of certain things I believe and have been taught my whole life I possibly could have taken Strobel’s words much harsher that he intended, but I’m sure others feel the same as I do. I do not believe none believers would graciously accept Christianity after reading this book. I doubt they would ever finish the book to start with to be perfectly honest. I think they would be confused or pushed farther away from Christianity and any relationship to God. For starters, many non-believers tend to not be atheists. I mean Atheists are so hard to win to Christ because they already have a belief that there is the higher power and are stubborn in that, just like any strong Christian would very unlikely be driven to the thought of no God and this world is just it for humanity. In some ways, Atheism makes more sense they Christianity. But to me Christianity isn’t supposed to totally make sense. That’s why we must have faith. To me, my relationship with God isn’t me trying to prove he is out there or that Jesus really did

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