Learning Styles Of Adult Learners Essay

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This course was a real “eye opener” for me. Prior to taking this course, I thought Adult Learning dealt strictly with passing information on in a “black and white” manner. I really had no idea that as a teacher you would have to consider how each person learns and how important it can be for the teacher to adjust the course to adapt to the different learning styles of adult learners. I now better understand how this ultimately will improve learners’ chances of successfully completing the course or workshop they are attending.
Improving my Converging Learning Style characteristics Over the past few weeks I have taken steps towards improving my Converging Learning Style. It is hard to clearly state if I have successfully achieved the level I first thought I would potential obtain. Yes I have implemented characteristics of a Converging Learner which has been demonstrated in my group project for example when I initiated group conversations or kept the group focused to achieve our group goals. I also organized discussions to finalize the selection of our group topic. That being said I feel that to really understand how to apply a Converging Learning Style it will take longer than the duration of this course, in fact it might take years. I didn’t feel as though I had any obstacles which impeded my progress, it was more that I need more time to better understand my learning style and how it affects my approach to teaching. From now on I will build on my learning style to…

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