Learning Strategies Are Kind Of Implicit Learning Skills Essays

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III Feedback Mechanism
“Learning strategies are kind of implicit learning skills. Appropriate teaching methods play and important role in students’ acquisition and application of learning strategies” (Li & Xue, 2008, p. 229). There is an need for effective feedback mechanism, according to which, students are able reflect on their work and adapt and adjust their learning strategies, and teachers are obliged to improve their teaching methods to help students develop implicit skills to accomplish specific learning tasks.
There are a few parallels and contrasts between Australia and China in terms of feedback mechanism. In Australia, universities usually adopt an appropriate system to provide effective feedback to students, as well as to teachers, in order to enhance the effectiveness of learning. For one thing, the feedback to students is designed to improve reflections by them. The teachers’ feedback to students must be timely so as to assist them in developing their essential understanding, strategies and skills. At Macquarie University, not only teachers’ review but also students’ peer review, in particular when a group discussion is run, promotes reflection by students on their studies (Learning and Teaching Center for Macquarie University, 2009, p. 2). For another, it is possible for teachers at Australian universities to receive feedback from both students and other academics. The routine use of students’ feedback to teachers contributes to recognizing and meeting various…

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