Learning Patterns On The Individuals Learning Pattern Essay

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Everyone identifies information different. Therefore, learning depends on the individuals Learning Pattern. Learning is gaining knowledge or skills through know-how, studying, or being educated. This course teaches you what kind of learner you are. You will be taught how to apply your Learning Patterns towards critical thinking, critical reading, and critical writing. You can identify your own Learning Patterns by taking the Learning Connections Inventory test. The Learning Patterns are called Sequence, Precise, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence. After you get your LCI scores you can find out which type of learner you are. You can be Strong Willed, Dynamic, or a Bridge learner. Depending on your score, you will find out how much you use your Learning Patterns. Your Learning Patterns can be a Use First, As Needed, or Avoid. I learned how to decode my assignments to understand which Learning Patterns to use. I have also learned FITing, (Forge, Intensify, or Tether). FITing is when you have to FIT your Learning Patterns. I am excited to use what I have learned in my next course. Before taking this class, my views on learning weren’t as clear as they are now.
I have learned that I am a Strong Willed learner. My Learning Patterns have helped me become an intentional learner. I learned to use FITting to intensify or tether them. My LCI scores are Sequence 32, Precise 26, Technical 21, and Confluence 22. I am a Use First level with Sequence. I need to get clear directions and…

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