Learning Is A Way Long Process Essay

1814 Words Aug 12th, 2016 null Page
Learning is a way long process which never ends in our life. A person starts learning from his birth and keeps on learning till his death. In this age of learning, the so called ‘learning contracts’ has gained much more importance. Basically the learning contract describes our aim that what we want to achieve. It doesn’t only tell the aim but it also outlines the ways to achieve that aim. Overall the learning contract includes:
• What are you going to learn (aim, objective)?
• How are you going to learn (path)?
• The time frame in which you think that you can achieve that.
• The outcomes at the end. In today’s competitive word, the one who is the best survives so equipping himself with dynamic skills is one of the needs of the managers. In any organisation, a manager has to perform differently in different situations. So he requires various skills which help him out to behave properly in every situation. The area of skill which I am going to choose for myself is the leadership or supervisory skills.
Learning contract: - As a manager needs to be a good leader firstly so I need to develop leadership skills in me. The skills which I need to learn are toughness, confidence, communication skills, fairness, integrity, enthusiasm and so on. I will try to gain all these skills in me within three months. I will setup an action plan which will help me in achieving my goals and at the end I would be able to measure that what I have achieved in my whole journey. By the end of three…

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