Essay about Learning From People With Disabilities

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Learning from people with disabilities through mount hood kiwanis camp gave me an extensive knowledge of various disabilities and a growth of my understanding. During the two weeks of camp I learned to be open and be able to express my own feelings regarding disability. I am very surprised and happy how there is a small portion of the population who recognize disability and do not have a stigma. I believe that people’s opinion does matter and have an impact on people with disability. I have had depression and seeked counselling in the United States which is so normal here. But, in India if you were to tell someone that you are depressed than they would use the ‘r’ word and would still continue to consider you not normal even if you recover from depression.
There were some significant moments each week where I was able to reflect myself from the camper. In the first week, I learned how to make your disability a strength. My campers Kristin and Bethany were very social and friendly. Both of them had certain fears that they wished to overcome through the various spontaneous and adventurous activities like rope courses and canoeing. I really enjoyed encouraging them and cherishing their accomplishments as my own. I thought that it is a very special moment when for all of us to see what people with disabilities can actually achieve through their abilities. But, in the real world we tend to be ignorant and never take the chance to even get to know them. From my personal…

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