Personal Experience: What I Learned About Myself

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Over the eight week course period we were able to learn a lot about ourselves. The assigned tasks given were eye opening and revealing. I have discovered various different characteristics about myself that I was unaware I developed over the years. Therefore, I was able to learn a lot about myself. I learned what type of learner I was, who had the most influence on me, and what events has lead me to being the young lady I am today.
One of the very first assignment we were assigned was to identify those who impact my life and described their role. This was a much needed tasks because, I feel you never really appreciate someone until you have to do everything on your own. After my first week in college I was beyond stressed and overwhelmed with all of the assignments and meetings that I had to attend. I called be mom and brother everyday complaining about events that took place previously in the day. They would tell me to hang in there and things would get better, it was not that easy. I cried every day, I just did not understand why I was feeling so overwhelmed when in high school I was never worried about lacking with my academics. I realized I have always had both my mother and brother and I had
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The feeling of being overwhelmed came from having to take on the responsibility and care for myself. I am still trying to learn how to get through my days without them, but it is not easy. I am consistently calling them and venting to them about the workload and stress that comes with being a college freshman. From their position all they can do is support me. It may not seem like much, but without their support I would not still be in school. Having the support of your loved ones will always be powerful to anyone. Also, family support could be the reassurance one needs in order to excel in any aspect of

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