lean at wipro Essay

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OCTOBER 16, 2006


Lean at Wipro Technologies
“We want to bring the next generation of lean thinking into our processes and weave it into our system so it will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.”
— Azim Premji, Wipro Chairman
Sambuddha Deb (“Deb”), Wipro Technologies Chief Quality Officer and Head of Operational
Excellence, and Alexis Samuel, General Manager Process, Tools and Productivity, each thanked the other attendees at the lean project review session and walked out the door together. The bright
January sunshine and garden-like setting of the Wipro Technologies campus in Bangalore, India was a good match for their current moods. As they made their way to their cars
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Software Services
The process of software development was similar in many ways to the process of building a house. The first step in building a house is to specify the requirements necessary for the solution.
This might include determining the number of square feet, floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Once the requirements have been specified then architects and engineers create detailed designs, which not only specify the location of rooms and fixtures, but also the positioning of electrical and plumbing infrastructure. Only then does the building process begin. During building, flaws are found in the plans and corrected. Throughout construction, work is inspected for defects. When systems are completed, they are tested (for example, the air-conditioning system) and when all of the work is completed, the entire house is inspected – first by the builder and eventually by the customer who buys the house. In software development, the same basic steps exist in most projects though they have different names: requirements specification, detailed design, coding and unit testing, system testing and finally user acceptance testing. One difference between building a house and software development was that the progress or the shape of things to come was frequently not visible to the user until

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