Leadership Vs. Management Theory Essay

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In any organisation or project, there is always a level of unknown to the future and to combat this; contingencies are considered. This view encompasses the understanding that no one way works for everything. It is particularly the case when looking at leadership versus management where leadership is an art and management science where this can be witnessed in the evolution of literature in both the fields of project management and leadership. Though the two streams may be viewed separately for example between a project manager and a project leader, in reality, every project will have a manager but may not have a leader. The difference between these two effects the quality level and success of a project. As described by Project Management Institutes “Successful projects require strong leadership skills. Leadership is important through all phases of the project life cycle. There are multiple leadership theories defining leadership styles that should be used as needed for each situation or team.” (PMBOK guide, 2013, p. 284) To clearly illustrate this point the essay will analyse and review situational leadership theory and how it is used in project management literature.

The essence of situational leadership (which is a part of the contingency leadership theory family) is that no one leadership style suits an individual scenario, team, or person and the style that is chosen to be used dependent on various situational factors. While the focus is towards situational leadership…

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