Leadership Styles And Leadership Qualities Essay

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What are the qualities most often found in a successful leader? How can varying personality and leadership styles influence the effectiveness of one’s leadership abilities? The information researched and outlined in the paper below will lecture on the topic of leadership, and the styles that have been proven to be inherent in effective leaders.
Certain character traits lend themselves to a more successful leader. That is to say an effective style of leadership is directly correlated to the personality traits and communication style of the leader. Categorical styles of leadership which encompass transactional, transformational and visionary leadership play a role in the type of leader and the style of leader. Transformational leadership is defined as a leaders` ability to influence subordinates and to gain satisfaction and intellectual motivation, taking into account individual differences among them (Ismale, 2012). Simply put, it is one’s ability to lead effectively overall.
Changes in the workplace have brought about new leadership practices and there has been a movement towards more transformational and less transactional leadership (Van Eeden, R. et. al., 2008). The reasoning behind this movement is in that, transformational leadership brings about an environment in which the employee or follower is stimulated to execute more than what he or she had intended to accomplish. Effectively increasing overall productivity and morale of the employee through effective…

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