Essay on Leadership Qualities Of A Leader

1014 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
patrick McCarty
Each leader within the workplace is unique. Each one has different personalities and backgrounds which determine who they are and how they work with others. They also possess leadership qualities that can make them successful at their jobs. Three of these qualities I feel that I need in order to be a successful leader are: Assertiveness, Creativity, and Listening. A leader must be assertive in his actions at work, not only with the other employees, but also with themselves. There are many instances where a leader must be strong and assert themselves in how they communicate with their employees. In order for deadlines to be met, a leader must hold their employees responsible for their timeliness and efficiency. A leader needs to communicate in an assertive way the importance of working towards reaching a successful end result, while also working within the restricted time frame of the deadline. Sometimes it is hard for employees to realize the urgency of a certain project if the deadline is a long ways away, but an assertive leader will be able to keep the employees focused and task oriented the whole way through the projects duration. A leader must also be assertive with themselves. The leader must trust their own knowledge and experience of the job in order to believe in their own decision making, and instill confidence in knowing the right choice was made. By being assertive within themselves, the leader can exude a confidence that is easily noticed and…

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