Leadership Qualifications in the LeBLANC Group Essay

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A Research Paper:

Leadership Qualifications in the LeBLANC Group

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction Pg. 3

1. LeBLANC Group Profile Pg. 3

1. The Problem Pg. 4

2. Purpose of the Paper Pg. 4

3. Developing the Academic foundation of Leadership Pg. 4

1. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Pg. 4

2. Leadership that gets Results Pg. 6

3. Primal Leadership Pg. 7

4. The Quintessential Leader Pg. 9

5. Theoretical Leadership Model Pg. 10

6. Conclusion Pg. 12

7. Bibliography Pg. 14

Appendix 1 Pg. 16
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4. Developing the Academic Foundations of Leadership

In order to develop the academic foundation for this research paper we have based the research on 3 of the works of world renowned leadership theorist, Daniel Goleman.

1. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

“Much evidence testifies that people who are emotionally adept – who know and manage their feelings well, and who read and deal effectively with other people’s feelings – are at an advantage in any domain of life, whether romance and intimate relationships or picking up the unspoken rules that govern success in organizational politics” – Daniel Goleman.

Dictionary.com defines Emotional Intelligence (EI) as an “awareness of one’s own emotions and moods and those of others, esp. in managing people”. Emotional Intelligence was first coined by Yale psychologist Peter Salovey and the University of New Hampshire's John Mayer in 1990. Their original definition of emotional intelligence was ‘the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action (Knowledge@Wharton, 2005). They identified the components of emotional intelligence as:

• Appraising emotion in self and others

• Regulating emotions in self and others

• Using emotions adaptively

Daniel Goleman took the concept further by describing EI

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