General Education Requirements At Penn State University Essay

1114 Words May 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
My group’s topic for discussion was general education requirements at Penn State University. We used the P-MOPS problem-solving technique to discuss and furthermore decide on a solution to the general education issue. I believe we effectively accomplished our task by providing a legitimate solution that the university could implement to the general education problem. Initially, we did not know each other very well other than being in the same class, so there was a period of socialization. This happened, for the most part, before we began recording our problem discussion. We introduced ourselves and talked about how we wanted to go about our discussion so that it would be sure to follow the five steps of the procedural model of problem-solving. During this first introduction, I believe we each began to form ideas about what roles and responsibilities we were going to take on. I noticed that this was much less time consuming than the socialization stage in the first group I worked with this semester. I believe this is because this course has encouraged us to gain an understanding the roles we embody best and how we can adjust ourselves to others’ roles in order to make an effective team. Our group was successful in the first step of P-MOPS, which is the problem description analysis. Chris opened up our discussion by reading the problem aloud to the group. He took on a clear facilitator and orienter role in our group by guiding us through the problem-solving steps and by…

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